Over the years I've picked up very diverse capabilities. Due to the nature of what I do (which usually involves connecting different types of technology or figuring out how to solve problems) I'm usually far from an expert in any individual subject. Below however, you find a range of software, technologies and other skills I've built up over the years.

Contact me if you want to find out more or are looking for expertise in one of these areas.

Executive Summary

While the rest of this page is a more extensive description of experiences, here you find a targeted list of the things I think I'm best at and/or enjoy the most:

Product Management & User Experience

Over the years, I've built up a constant irritation for software (and other technology) that doesn't work. I'm a huge admirer of Apple, and that's precisely because their marketing slogan "It just works", is typically more true for their technology than for most other companies. I've managed a substantial development team at Enfocus Software and have been responsible for product management at Enfocus, Gradual Software and Four Pees for very diverse projects.

Closely related to that is everything that has to do with user experience; how can we design something with minimal complexity that provides all necessary functionality and looks and feels attractive? A very common question during the design of any new piece of technology, but not an easy one to answer.

Graphic Arts

I started working on a PostScript editor in 1996; I'm far from a PostScript expert but I still understand the overall complexities of the language. I am an expert in PDF though, having written the first version of the still very popular PitStop plug-in for Acrobat; I also have extensive knowledge of PDF based standards, both from ISO and the Ghent Workgroup.

While color has never been my preferred subject, I'm well versed in color management for graphic arts workflows though my knowledge is more on the theoretical than practical side. As of November 2013, I'm an UGRA PSO Certified Expert.

I consider myself an expert in the following applications and technologies for graphic arts: Enfocus PitStop, Enfocus Switch, callas pdfToolbox & pdfaPilot, axaio MadeToPrint, Remote Director, Global Vision DocuProof & Digital Page / ScanTVS, Elpical Claro, ColorLogic CoPrA, ZePrA and ColorAnt... I also have a lot more modest knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop and assorted other graphic arts related applications.


As far as natural languages go, my mother tongue is Dutch. I'm as fluent in English as I am in Dutch and I can make myself well understood in French. German I don't speak, but I understand it enough to follow (even technical) discussions. And I'm following an evening class in German at the moment so perhaps that statement will change over time :).

As far as the 'unnatural' :) computer languages, I've gathered knowledge about a few over the years: Turbo Pascal, x86 assembler, Delphi, C, C++, Objective C, Swift, JavaScript and PHP are probably the main ones. At the moment I feel most comfortable with Objective C, JavaScript and PHP. And while it's newer, I have my eyes set on Swift as my language of preference.


I have extensive knowledge about Mac OS X and iOS. While I'm not a Linux expert, I find my way around a Linux system and have used several to build solutions on. I have a (somewhat aging) background on Windows systems.

I can build web sites using pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript (optionally using a back-end database such as MySQL) or using a variety of other tools such as Drupal. I can install, setup and configure a Drupal system and have extensive experience writing Drupal modules for custom web site solutions.

I have built Windows, Mac OS X and iOS applications. One (small) Mac OS X application is still available in the Mac App store, several iOS applications are sold through the iTunes store.