Recent Projects

Most of the work I do is for Four Pees; it's hard to break that apart in smaller units to showcase. Some of the smaller projects I've worked on or contributed to are listed below. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about them or if you have a cool project you need help on.

Boomkwekerij Jan Van Den Bossche (web site development)

Tree nursery Jan Van Den Bossche needed a more modern web site and needed it to be easy to maintain and update certain information. Specifically, it had to be easy to update pricing information and to update pictures of the different products.

The new site was designed by Big Boom and implemented by Publigence.

Because of the technical requirements, the site was developed using CakePHP, with a simple administration module to update those pieces of information necessary.

Patrick Maes (web site development)

Patrick Maes is a consultant in Flanders, specialized in projects around mobility and public area development. Big Boom developed an updated company style and subsequent design of a new site. Publigence implemented the new site.

The site uses a mix of static content and database driven project content; it was developed as a fully mobile-aware site using CakePHP.

Dens Communication (web site development)

The communication and discussion management company Dens Communicatie in Belgium had a need for a more modern, intuitive and communicative web site. Together with Big Boom Publigence developed that new site.

Because of the nature of the site, it was not made using a content management system, but consists of beautiful, easy to maintain and standard compliant HTML. That last part is important because of the clients they serve and their reliance on older browsers.

LetterParade (iOS App)

By far the most complex iOS app I've made together with Big Boom to date, LetterParade is a beautifully designed childrens app that teaches them about letters and how they form words. Using the same word sets used in education today, they are guided through increasingly more difficult words.

LetterParade features a funny clown, extremely simple game play, integration with the text to speech engine on iOS 7 and extensive word sets for both Dutch and English learning. Check it out on the iTunes store!

Spelen Met Klachten (PowerPoint Template)

A Big Boom customer had a need for a custom PowerPoint template for use during trainings. Starting from an InDesign design template, I developed a Microsoft PowerPoint template containing a number of slides with an animated clock that counts down.

The main challenge - as with all Office templates - was to make something that looks perfect yet is still easy to use while making presentations. The implemented solution didn't use any scripting and is fully platform independent.

Just a beautiful timer, with accompanying tick-tock sound effects of course!

Ribbit (iOS App)

Ribbit is a universal (iPhone and iPad) game for very young children. Its gameplay is extremely simple and teaches them shape recognition and dragging and dropping objects on an iPhone or iPad.

Even though the game is still very simple to play, it was a great project to learn about many fundamental aspects of the iOS system, ranging from animation, multi-touch user interfaces, audio and use of the devices camera and picture library. Available on the iTunes store and played worldwide by thousands of people.

GRoink (iOS App)

GRoink is an iPhone and iPad game for toddlers. Using beautiful pictures and sounds of a range of animals, it teaches basic skills such as hand / eye coordination and memory. And above all it's just fun!

This is the first game on iOS I ever worked on, together with Big Boom and SampleSumo. It's been on the iTunes store for over two years and has had over 100.000 downloads. The game is universal, running on all iOS devices and it has been translated in 25 languages (including two flemish dialects :)). If you haven't seen it, check it out!